My 12 Quarantine Essentials


My 12 Quarantine Essentials are:

1. FIFA 14: I like Fifa 14 because it is really fun and makes me feel proud when I score a goal.

2. Xbox controller: I like the Xbox controller because I can connect it to my brother’s computer.

3. Swimming trunks: I like my swimming trunks because I don’t want to swim naked!

4. Music: I love music because it calms me down when I am having a hard time.

5. Basketball: I like basketball because it is a challenging game.

6. Dogman: I love Dogman books because they are so funny.

7. Kyrie Irving shoes: I like my Kyries because they have a really cool design.

8. TV: I like TV because I can relax I’m being entertained.

9. Badger Claws: I like this book because it makes me feel like I’m there with him.

10.Lego: I like Lego because it’s challenging to build what I can picture in my mind.

11. Coloring: I like coloring because it’s fun to draw beautiful pictures.

12. Gaming: I like gaming because it’s something fun I can do with friends while we’re in quarantine.


What items are similar on your list?What are some differences?


5 thoughts on “My 12 Quarantine Essentials

  1. Music is something that helps me too! I like to dance to the music so it actually use it to give me energy!

    I hope you can add some more fun things to your list this summer!!

  2. Hello Milo Supreme,

    We have 4 things similar things on our list:

    Legos, to me, they are easy to build when I have ideas.
    Books, I love to read and I also love to read Dogman.
    Sports, I love to play basketball and baseball.
    Videogames that’s my favorite, I have a Nintendo Switch and I am into 2 games right now, Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing.

    What do you see on my list that is similar?


  3. @ Milos Supreme
    Your blog was really cool. I have some of the same things as you in my blog. We both like drawing, Lego, and swimming. I try to swim with my family almost every day. I have fun drawing as well because I can make cards for family and friends. I love legos because they are challenging and get to do it with my brother.
    Are there any other video games you play?
    Your friend,
    Chasing Cheetah

  4. Milo Supreme I think a lot of the students in my class would connect with your 12 essentials too. My list would be quite different. I really miss my swim suit but all of our local pools are closed right now. I don’ t watch a lot of TV and I would really miss not having my computer(s). What are you missing that you don’t have with. you right now?

    Thank you for taking the challenge too.
    Ms. Lirenman
    Vancouver, Canada

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